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Birth certificate

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Birth Certificates

The birth certificate is one of the most important legal documents in every state in the world. This document establishes the identity of an individual. Every individual needs the use of the birth certificate in processing his or her passport, professional licenses, and other identification documents. These vital records as the birth certificates are referred to contain the important information about an individual. The birth information includes the birth name, birth date, time and place of birth, and child's gender. The parents name and their occupations, length and weight of the newborn, registering informant's name, and the registration number are the other important information contained in a birth certificate.

The birth certificate alone can't be used as a proof of identity but it is very importantly used in establishing our individual identity. You can't get a license or other identification documents without this certificate. The certificate as its name implies is used to certify your birth or existence. The birth certificate can be in a long form or short form certificate. The long form certificates are the duplicate copies of the original birth certificate accomplished by the informant who registered the child. All the important information about the child, the child parents, and the doctor who facilitated the delivery are included in the long forms. The signatures of the attending doctor, parents, and informants certify the validity of the information contained in the long form.

Using the long form birth certificate requires the reproduction of the original birth record. The use of the Electronic Birth Registration System has eliminated the use of the long form hard copies in the process. The electronic system has introduced the paperless process of birth registration but still some states use the hard copies for documentation and reference.

The short form birth certificate is also a legally accepted birth document. The short form contains the basic information about the child such as the name, birth date, and the birth registration number. The short can be obtained easier than the long forms. The short form certificate is not exactly the original record but it is just a certification attesting the existence of the long form birth certificate. There are also some types of short form birth certificates that are not totally recognized legally. These short forms include the keepsakes and commemorative certificates from hospitals. Some of these certificates are made in the hospitals as souvenirs that include the footprints of the child. Some states have special rules and regulations that govern the use of such short form certificates.

Obtaining your birth certificate, whichever type you want to have is very easy. You just have to check the regulations of the state where you were born. There are also some companies that can be paid for a certain fee and they will be the ones who will get your certificate. These services are only limited in some states that allow others to get other people's birth certificates. In states that impose stricter regulations the owners of the certificate or the closest relative of the owner are the ones who can only get the specific birth certificate. But in most states anyone can access and get a copy of the birth certificates of the deceased individuals who passed away 70 years ago. This is open especially for the purpose of tracing the people's family roots.

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