Birth Certificate

The Emerging of the Birth Certificate

The concept of the birth certificate was never a new concept. The birth certificate was issued clear back to before Christ was born. What started as a way to decide upon taxes and military manpower has changed to much more within time. The birth certificate is used for much more than it was back then. Back in the day, the birth certificate was issued through the church as the church held documents recording all the births that took place. This was because back in the day, the church was the leading power of countries. Government didn't take over the job of the birth certificate handing out until the 1800's when it started in the United Kingdom.

Back then, it is hard to say who was held responsible to ensure that the proper papers were filed so that the birth certificate was issued with the proper government agency. Today though, there are many people who are held responsible besides the mother of the child. They send in the actual record, but the birth certificate copies can be requested as it is much needed throughout this day in time.

The birth certificate shows people many things, not just when you were born. For those who obtain a birth certificate in the United States, it will show how much the baby weighed and how long the baby was. The full name of the baby and the parents are also recorded on the birth certificate with proof of the hospital as well as the city and state the infant was born. With this day and age, many women have children without knowing who the father actually is. When this happens, the birth certificate will say father unknown.

So, what all does this birth certificate do now days? It has many uses in this day and age. For starters, many of us love birthday meals. This proves true to a lot of people. Some restaurants give so much money towards a free meal for a person's birthday, but they have been ripped off so much, that they request to see the birth certificate to prove the date of birth is accurate. Almost for any government issued ID such as a driver's license, gun permit, passport, and more, they request to see the birth certificate. Applying to some jobs, they might make a copy once again of your birth certificate. The birth certificate is a powerful tool now days.

So, what happens if you can't find your birth certificate, but you know you are going to need it? Well, you can request a copy of your birth certificate. This is pretty simple to do in each state. In order to obtain a copy of y our birth certificate in the United States you will have to do this in person. The place you will have to go to to make this request is to either the County or the State Vital Records Office. There will be a fee to obtain a birth certificate. So, be prepared and do some research. Normally, if you are out of state and are requesting a copy of a birth certificate you do not have to appear. All you have to do to obtain a copy of a birth certificate in another state is contact them by mail or by fax. Each state will have regulations as to how you go about and do this as every child and adult needs their birth certificate for something. Kids have to have them to get enrolled in school and we already discussed some of the things adults need them for. So, hopefully this gives you insight to the birth certificate and it's importance.